Coyote on Camera

I walked among the Wax Myrtles behind the northernmost beach on Little St. Simon’s Island last Saturday afternoon and collected a trail camera that I have set up on a game trail. The motion detection trail camera captures many of the islands wildlife and is a great tool for detecting and monitoring them. I was ecstatic to find that the camera had captured a picture of the island’s ever illusive coyote! The picture was taken on January 5th at 4:03AM. Coyotes are known for their secretive nature and are primarily nocturnal although they can be active at any time. Coyote’s are fearful of humans and therefore avoid us at all costs; this is a huge part of why they are so difficult to see. They are omnivorous and eat a large variety of plant and animal materials. We have been monitoring this coyote and its effects since May 2010 when the island’s staff first began noticing coyote tracks. The coyote has had little negative effects on the island and we will continue to monitor it closely.

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