Fall Birding Days

Fall migration has begun!  We’ve started to see many shorebirds returning to the beaches.  Some, like the American Oystercatchers, may spend the whole winter with us.  Other species may only spend a short period of time before continuing to move south.  The earliest of our migrating warblers have started to appear as well.  Yesterday several of us were treated to a flashy presentation by a male Redstart.  To celebrate the migration season, we are excited to announce our Fall Birding Days.  Every fall and spring, we invite all birding enthusiasts to join us on the island for several days focused primarily on migration and birding. 

This season we are hosting several great guest ornithologists, including Giff Beaton and Dr. Bob Cooper.  Giff is an avid birder from the Atlanta area, and has a gift for making confusing fall warblers much less confusing.  Going out  in the field with Giff will be an educational and fun opportunity.  Dr. Cooper will be on the island at the beginning of the week and we are looking forward to his interesting talks after dinner.  The dates for our Fall Birding Days are September 26th – October 6th and we encourage any interested birders to call our reservationists soon at (888) 733 – 5774.

If you are more interested in the Spring migrants we have set aside April 11th-19th to celebrate the northern migration.  We will have a variety of exciting guest ornithologists in the spring, including Scott Weidensaul.  Scott is a fantastic speaker and author.  He’s written quite a few compelling books including Living on the Wind and The Ghost with Trembling Wings.  We will keep you updated as we line up more of our guest speakers for the spring!

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