Spring Birding Week 2013

We just completed an incredible week of birding here on Little St. Simons Island! Our Spring birding week took place April 25th -May 5th, during which time we were graced with some exciting visitors.


Red Knots feeding on Main Beach.

As Spring migration is coming into full swing, new birds have been arriving each day. Some, like the Red Knot, are in the midst of a 9,000+ mile trip North, stocking up on food to fuel the rest of their journey. We also witnessed an incredible “food event” as horseshoe crabs lined the beach in mass, laying their eggs in the soft sand and creating a buffet for hungry shorebirds.  Others, like the colorful Painted Bunting, have traveled to the area to breed before they return to  the Caribbean.


Painted Bunting near the bird feeder outside of Cedar House.

Of course, with the birds came the birders! We were delighted to have renowned birders and naturalists here to lend their expert eyes and ears as we explored the island. This Spring we had Dr. Ray Chandler, ornithology professor at Georgia Southern University. John and Cathy Sill, who have authored and illustrated a series of books together, also spent time with us. Malcolm Hodges with The Nature Conservancy wrapped up the week sharing his love for birds and his unique interest in lichens. After the sun went down, they shared even more knowledge through presentations on topics ranging from how to migrate to how to draw birds to how to be an ecologist.


John Sill offered a field sketching workshop one evening after dinner which offered a whole new perspective to birdwatching.


If you missed out this Spring, don’t despair! We have Fall Birding coming up September 25th – October 3rd, 2013. Look forward to spending time with Jim and Georgann Schmalz and John and Cathy Sill.

To see a complete list of the species we spotted over the week, check out our list below. We tallied up 95 species. SpringBirding20130001 SpringBirding2013(Click on the list to enlarge it for easier viewing.)

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