Welcome to Nature’s Notebook for Little St. Simons Island!

Here, you can explore what is happening on Little St. Simons Island. Get a sense of what awaits you before your visit, or keep up with the happenings after you have returned home. Read about exciting wildlife spottings, seasonal occurrences, and unusual sightings as well as interesting tidbits about the critters and ecosystems that make up Little St. Simons which you will find in the Naturalist Facts and Sightings. You can also follow ongoing Research and Monitoring projects on the Island, as we strive to better understand and conserve our ecosystems and their inhabitants.  In addition, find out what is being harvested and the gardening techniques we are using in our USDA certified Organic Garden.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@LittleSSI) for real time updates from the field! You can also view this stream on the right side of our home page!

If you have something you would like to share about your visit to Little St. Simons Island, please email us at naturalist@LittleSSI.com and mention the Naturalist Notebook.

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